When your lips

gave me a kiss

on my forehead,

I just bloom by your smell…..

Then, I find out …..

The pollen from your lips

fall in to my heart❤, and ,

U only ,

bloom as a flower

in to me ,with a

strong root of our memories..

That’s why ,

I bloom…….

Thanks for reading,



To my bro

Brother is the only boy

Who never break the girls heart….

Hey! I don’t know

How you looks…

How your voice is…

But still, you are my brother..

Yes!! We are just bonded

through the single word


It may be a single word

But,it holds a lot of feelings….

This is to my brother whom I’ve not met yet…..@ Alien poet…

Thanks for reading,


As a bird..

Even in the drop of mizzle,

I see your phiz;

So ,I can’t sleep

in the drizzling night….

I just fly ,

in the high sky

as a bird ,with your

Sweet memories….

Thanks for reading,